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How to win the Dutch Bacardi Legacy Finals

Every year, Bacardi, the renowned international rum brand, hosts a prestigious competition for aspiring bartenders who aim to showcase their skills and create groundbreaking cocktail recipes, the Bacardi Legacy Competition. The competition is designed to challenge participants to come up with a unique recipe and build a compelling brand story around it. Each cocktail is…
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A fresh start for Hair By Cher

Even though the COVID-19 virus is messing with some of our businesses and all of our minds, some entrepreneurs are taking this opportunity to give their businesses a refreshing make-over! Hair By Cher found out about us through a nail salon that we created a logo for in the past, and asked us to come…
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How we made a brand out of The Poke Maniacs

In 2018, a brand new Hawaiian restaurant named ‘The Poke Maniacs’ opened her doors in Amsterdam Noord. Shortly after, a franchise opened up in Amsterdam West, but it didn’t take long before it all went downhill because the locals either didn’t know The Maniacs, or had some complaints about them. The Amsterdam West franchise closed…
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How to kickstart a POS system

Halfway 2020, in between COVID-19 lockdowns, we were approached by two entrepreneurs operating in the Hospitality Industry who wanted to bring their brand new vision to life. In their daily activities running nightclubs and restaurants, they noticed quite a few things that could use improvement. They decided that they would start building their own system…
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