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What it costs to have your website build

How we determine the price of your new website

A-Town Agency often receives questions about what it costs to have a website build. Unfortunately, we will never have a straight answer to these kind of questions. You could compare building a website to building a house. Everyone has different taste; Some houses have a large backyard and 3 bathrooms while others have a tiny balcony and only 2 rooms total. Lucky for us, not all houses cost the same. And that’s exactly how it is with websites. A-Town Agency does value realising the wishes of her clients, which is why we have come up with some guidelines to help you estimate the price of your website.

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WordPress or Code?

We find it important that our clients understand how their website is put together and, if they wish, know how to do small adjustments or publish blog articles by themselves. For this reason, we recommend custom made WordPress websites.

The website looks exactly the way you want it to look, can be adjusted very easily, and is more affordable than a fully coded website.

 Now of course, every website contains code that might need an update every now and then. But we will cover that part and make sure you won’t have to worry about a thing. If you want to lock us in for future maintenance and updates, we’re happy to make a contract or add our agreement to the offer.

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A small indication

Webdesign for Individuals - A-Town Agency


Looking for a small website to showcase your personal projects or hobbies? Do you have a slight idea of how your website should look but does it not have to be anything too fancy or extraordinary? Do you wish for a maximum of four to five pages on your website? Then we would categorise your website under ‘websites for individuals’, with a price range of 500 – 850 euro.

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Do you wish to market yourself and/or your work? Do you have a clear vision of what your website should look like and do you maybe even already have a logo and a brand identity? Do you want to upload your own work to your website on a regular basis and do you care a lot about being on the first page when people Google your line of work? Then we would categorise your website under ‘portfolio websites’, and you could look at a price range of 750 – 1200 euro.

Corporate webdesign - A-Town Agency


Do you own a business or a store and are you looking to have a brand new website or webshop build? Does your ideal website or webshop contain lots of content, products and/or SEO pages? Does your website need maintenance quite often and does it need various plugins for statistics, appointments, payments or leads? Then we would categorise you under ‘Corporate website or webshop’ and you’re probably looking at a price higher than 1200 euro.

Website maintenance

It could be the case that you already have a website you’re happy with, but it just needs some upgrades or something extra. For small adjustments, we will need some details. Adjustments and upgrades vary from adding products to a webshop, to making an entire website responsive. For tasks like this we can offer you a package deal, or advice you to go with the hourly rate if we think that will be the cheaper option.

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