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How to win the Dutch Bacardi Legacy Finals

Website IAM ENVIOUS by A-Town Agency | Social Media Management

Co-creating a winning campaign for the Bacardi Legacy Cocktail Competition

From creating a logo to designing merchandise and publishing GIF stickers for Instagram and Snapchat

The highlights of this project


International Rum brand 'Bacardi' hosts a competition every year to grow their brand awareness and offer a stage to those who aspire to become some of the world's greatest bartenders. The competition was designed to challenge bartenders to come up with their own groundbreaking recipe and build a brand story around it. All cocktails go by several jury members in several rounds, ending up with only one winning cocktail per country, which get to compete in the Globals Finals, after which the three Global winning cocktails will become Bacardi's new Signature Cocktails for the rest of the year. In 2019 Raysa Straal entered with her 'Envious' cocktail. She asked us to design a logo and build her a campaign website just as she envisioned them; to create merchandise and to cover the visual part of her campaign. Our mission: Help Raysa win the Dutch Bacardi Legacy Cocktail Competition by providing her with strong visual assets, so that she can compete in the Globals as well!


Raysa introduced us to 'Envious', her cocktail recipe and the idea for the brand story around it. "It's about redefining the way we look, redefining the way we think and redefine the way we drink. Envious is about seeing the value of the little things in life again, and starting to shift how we look at our daily activities from a negative to a more positive way. Envy is something we all feel on a daily basis, we see people who have it better than us or who are living our dreams. Don’t look at envy as something that is holding you back, look at it as a tool work harder and to become better than yourself. Better than ourselves!" she told us in our first meeting. So, after hearing this inspirational and very clear mission, we knew what to do. And that was when 'I Am Envious' became something visual...


In no time the brand story came to life because of Raysa's clear mission and vision. As soon as we finished the brand identity for I Am Envious, the ball started rolling. Pins were made, business cards were printed, cocktail menu's were designed and distributed, GIF stickers were animated and published to Instagram and Snapchat, hoodies were printed, a magazine article was written and the campaign website went live. This shouldn't come as a surprise to you anymore, of course, Raysa won the Dutch Finals and ended in the top 15 of the Globals. It was an amazing adventure. To this day, Raysa is a cocktailshaker and mixologist with a world wide reputation. Catch her behind the bar at Bar Feijoa, Tales & Spirits and the occasional jury gig she posts on her Instagram.

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