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How we made a brand out of The Poke Maniacs

How to open over 3 franchise restaurants in less than 1,5 years

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A short summary of our longterm cooperation with The Poke Maniacs


In 2018, a brand new Hawaiian restaurant named 'The Poke Maniacs' opened her doors in Amsterdam Noord. Shortly after, a franchise opened up in Amsterdam West, but it didn't take long before it all went downhill because the locals either didn't know The Maniacs, or had some complaints about them. The Amsterdam West franchise closed again in just a few months. In 2019, their delicious poké bowls, smoothie bowls and coldpressed juices had build quite the pool of returning clients, but The Maniacs felt like they had to win all previously lost clients back. They decided it was to time start working on their online presence, which is where A-Town Agency jumped in. Our mission: Make a well known brand out of The Poke Maniacs and grow their audience as well as their online orders, at a minimum cost.


In the little under 1,5 years that we have been working with The Poké Maniacs right now, we realised a lot of projects, missions, events, activations and even franchise openings. When The Poké Maniacs hired us back in June 2019, their visual identity was yet to be determined. With a logo, some fonts, two shades of green and a few slogans we had the freedom to explore what was possible and what would be the perfect fit for The Maniacs. Creating an image isn't just design, we also had two very specific audiences to target, reach and amuse. We threw in a big re-opening event for the first of what would become three franchises, and made sure there would be plenty of deals, interesting content and information in all the right places for the new fans to be found. It was a big success, and it didn't end there.


Within a few months we found ourselves creating new menu's, updating web copy, coming up with new ways to interact online with the customers, doing food photography shoots, creating content, researching superfoods and even playing the occasional Fifa game with the staff. It grew onto us. To this day, we still visit The Poké Maniacs twice a month to catch up, do some DTP work and create some content we think is relevant and fit the needs and expectations of their (potential) customers. On the side we do some customer support, email marketing, and we come up with deals and discounts to stimulate orders. On our break, we like to play with the little Maniacs who visit their dad's restaurant a few hours a week, which is a great way to become inspired! This form of collaboration has proven itself to be very effective and somewhat cosy. If you're considering a longterm cooperation as well, scroll down on this page for more info or text us with your questions and suggestions.

Grand Opening The Poké Maniacs Amsterdam West

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