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How to win the Dutch Bacardi Legacy Finals

Website IAM ENVIOUS by A-Town Agency | Social Media Management

Co-creating a winning campaign for the Bacardi Legacy Cocktail Competition

From animated GIF stickers for social to the website and digital campaign

The highlights of this project


Every year, Bacardi, the renowned international rum brand, hosts a prestigious competition for aspiring bartenders who aim to showcase their skills and create groundbreaking cocktail recipes, the Bacardi Legacy Competition. The competition is designed to challenge participants to come up with a unique recipe and build a compelling brand story around it. Each cocktail is judged by a panel of experts in several rounds, with only one winning cocktail per country progressing to the Global Finals. The three winning cocktails become Bacardi's signature drinks for the year. In 2019, Raysa Straal entered the competition with her innovative cocktail, 'Envious,' and approached us to help her win the Dutch Bacardi Legacy Cocktail Competition. Our mission was to provide her with strong visual assets, including designing a logo, creating a campaign website, and producing merchandise, to help her stand out and succeed in the competition. Our collaboration with Raysa aimed to create a winning campaign that would take her to the Global Finals and make her cocktail the talk of the town.


During our first meeting with Raysa, she shared her Envious cocktail and the story behind it with us. "Envious is all about redefining the way we perceive and enjoy life's little pleasures, including our daily activities." she explained. "Envy is a feeling that we all experience, but rather than seeing it as a negative emotion that holds us back, Envious encourages us to use it as a driving force to become better versions of ourselves. By embracing the Envious mindset, we can shift our perspective and find value in the present moment. With such a clear and inspiring mission, we knew we had to bring the Envious brand to life visually, which is how "I Am Envious" was born."

And thus, 'redefine the way we look, redefine the way we think, redefine the way we drink' became the new pay-off.


Thanks to Raysa's clear mission and vision, we were able to bring the brand story of I Am Envious to life in record time. As soon as we finished designing the brand identity, we got to work creating a range of assets, including pins, business cards, cocktail menus, animated GIF stickers for social media, merchandise and a campaign website. Our efforts paid off, as Raysa went on to win the Dutch Finals and achieved a top-15 finish in the Globals, making it an unforgettable adventure. Today, Raysa is a world-renowned mixologist and cocktail shaker, who can be found behind the bar at some of the most prestigious establishments in the world, including Bar Feijoa and Tales & Spirits, when she's not behind the bar she's representing Alcoholic Brands in creative ways. She regularly serves as a judge for cocktail competitions and shares her experiences on her Instagram page.

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