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How to kickstart a POS system

Creating a Brand Identity for Order&Go

From coming up with a catchy name, to creating and documenting a brand manual from scratch

A short summary of the project


Halfway 2020, in between COVID-19 lockdowns, we were approached by two entrepreneurs operating in the Hospitality Industry who wanted to bring their brand new vision to life. In their daily activities running nightclubs and restaurants, they noticed quite a few things that could use improvement.

They decided that they would start building their own system that had the answer to all their bumps in the road. We're talking about a POS System, which is a system that restaurants and retail businesses use to keep track of orders and inventory, and helps them with overall administration and taxes.

Our assignment: Coming up with a catchy name and an appropriate brand identity for their new system.


We started off with planning a 2 month trajectory with each week a meeting with our new clients. The first two weeks would be about building a mission, goal and message from the soon-to-be brand. We talked keywords, great and bad examples, groundbreaking features and MVP's. After getting the story clear, we brainstormed and researched potential names; started exploring colors, fonts and other style elements, and created a shitload of logo's. Every week we put together a short and visual presentation of what we found and created, and got our clients up to speed with our thoughts and collect as much feedback as possible so that we could align our work with their vision.


After 1,5 months, our creative work was almost coming to an end. Our clients had agreed on the name, message and visual identity we had created for their brand new business and the final step was documenting it all in a way that both other creatives and developers, as well as our clients, would be able to understand, monitor and implement. In just a little under two months, we created a brand from scratch, and the nearby future we might even assist in building up the brand and reaching the right audience for it. But for now, we proudly present: Order&Go, a POS System like no other.

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