Amsterdam, The Netherlands
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A fresh start for Hair By Cher

Re-designing Hair By Cher's Brand Identity

An innovative but familiar logo and a refreshing new look and feel

A short summary of the project


Even though the COVID-19 virus is messing with some of our businesses and all of our minds, some entrepreneurs are taking this opportunity to give their businesses a refreshing make-over! Hair By Cher found out about us through a nail salon that we created a logo for in the past, and asked us to come up with a re-design to modernise their current logo. It should be familiar but in a modern yet timeless way. So we started gathering the right examples and collaborating on moodboards with our latest client.


With our moodboard collaboration on Pinterest, it didn't took long before we could start sketching and playing with colors. We created three different logo's in three optional styles, and ended up combining two of them into the final logo. To make it come to life, we always create a small stylesheet with some visuals, to help our clients imagine the logo on several kinds of products. After delivering the logo, we were also given the opportunity to design several flyers, social media posts and even Hair By Cher's website.


In a little over two weeks, there it was: Hair By Cher's new Brand Identity. We posted a small swipe post with the before and after shots, let us know which what you think in the comments on Instagram! To this day, we still work together with Hair By Cher every now and then. Keep an eye on their website for updates and their latest social media posts.

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